Mystery of Starspire

How It All Started.

“There was a Dwarf. There was a Githzerai.

An odd couple you might say. Well let me be the one to say, they weren’t ordinary people.

When they were captured by the Silversteel Brotherhood, all seemed hopeless. For many, it was the end of their lives; for these two, it was the beginning of something amazing. Luckily for me, it was a second chance at my life.

In the holding cell, I met them. The Dwarf named Immgim, and the Githzerai named Murg. I knew when I saw them break out of their cells and murder the guards, they were going to save me.

The Dwarf was deeply saddened by the loss of a comrade named Tim. There he sat, holding Tim in his arms, crying out “Tiiiiiiiiim! Noooooooooo!” The Githzerai, didn’t seem to care much.

We escaped the holding cell, but escaping the cavern seemed like more than a daunting task. With doors, poorly built structures, and guards in every room, death was around every corner.

Immgim and Murg were smart about their escape, they tried to gather as many allies as they could on the way. Immgim was able to tame a Guard Drake to fight for them. He named it “Drake O’Malfoy.” I followed these two, hoping that they would lead to safety.

Betrayal by allies, and sudden attacks, were no match for the two heroes. They struck down every foe that got in their way, and managed to find an escape route. All was joyous, until the large stone door slammed shut behind them, with Prince Everard’s words echoing throughout the stone corridor.

They hadn’t escaped at all."

An excerpt from “Red Wind Chronicles, vol.XXV

Durlan Siltral, Novelist.


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