Trade District

Trade District of Starspire is the most busiest area of the city. It’s the safiest area for
merchants to sell their goods and services and consists of the highest traffic of customers.
Booths that allow the merchants to display their goods are rented to anyone inside or outside of
Starspire. The revenue of these booths is so good that it pays for 75% of the expensives of the
militia. If your looking for anything, the trade district is the best place to start.

There are several stores inside of the Trade District;

- Elendálë’s Axe a Blacksmith owned by Lila Elendálë

- Last Wonders a Magic Shop owned by Belinase Ahmad

- Great Ink a Scroll and Potion Shop owned by Yelda Bertolino

- Maline’s Implement a General Store owned by Brianna Maline

- and many booths with merchants selling various items

Trade District

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